Dental Bridges

A bridge is also known as a fixed partial restoration.  It typically consists of a single unit 3 crowns restoration, replacing a missing tooth in the middle.  These can replace a missing anterior or posterior tooth.  The abutment teeth, or the adjacent teeth the bridge is cemented onto, will be evaluated for stability and strength.

 Bridges are a great option for replacing a single missing space or two small missing spaces.  The longer the bridge is, the weaker it is in the middle, and faster it may fail.  So multiple adjacent missing spaces may not be a candidate for a bridge.

 They do require diligent home-care to prevent recurrent caries on the teeth holding the bridge.  Bridge-Aid Floss must be used to clean underneath the pontic, or middle fake tooth, otherwise food can be caught underneath the bridge and cause additional cavities.

Bridges replacing front teeth are esthetically beautiful and are a great cosmetic dentistry tooth replacement option.

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