Family Dentistry

Kids are welcomed!  We offer children's regular cleanings, exams, periodontal treatment, sealants, mouthguards and nightguards.

Once your baby's teeth start erupting, they can develop cavities!  Early childhood caries (cavities) is a serious condition and can quickly escalate out of control.  

 Checks by the dentist at an early age is highly recommended, as soon as 6 months of their first tooth.

 Starting regular visits as a baby to child to teenager create a positive and comfortable environment for them instead of harboring fear and anxiety.  

 Most children become afraid because they have never been to a dentist and have a dental problem.   

Teach by example! Children love to mimic their parents.  Make brushing and flossing a family activity where they can watch you and mimic your habits. Buy children's toothpastes and fun toothbrushes.  Some toothbrushes light up and play songs for 2 minutes so that your child knows how long to brush.

Children do not reach full adult dentition until 11-13 years old.  That means their baby teeth need to last!  Early loss of baby teeth due to decay causes loss of space that is needed for the permanent tooth to erupt. 

The #1 site for decay is on the chewing surfaces, commonly the back molars. Children have deeper grooves and fissures on the molars and premolars due to their newly erupted teeth have not been worn down yet with age/time.  Some adult's teeth with no signs of decay and deep grooves on molars can benefit from sealants too.

Sealants are a plastic material that is 'painted' on the surface of the molars and UV light cure to harden into the grooves to seal away plaque and food from entering.  The material can last several years but do eventually wear away from the force of chewing over time.  Children still learning to practice good hygiene benefit the most from sealing away deep grooves in their back teeth to help prevent cavities.