Nightguards and Mouthguards

Many people do not know that they clench and grind their teeth at night.  Symptoms of a headache/migraine in the morning, wear facets on your teeth, or sore jaws indicate a need for a nightguard.

 Nightguards are made of a thick hard clear plastic most often custom made for the upper arch.  The flat plane renders your lower arch unable to interlock with the upper teeth at night.  This helps relax the jaw muscles, prevent teeth grinding, and deprograms the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ).

 Mouthguards are recommended for athletes.  Sports injuries to the teeth are very common and most organized sports require mouthguards.  Over the counter mouthguards can be bought but often are not comfortable and do not fit everyone's mouths.  A custom mouthguard can be fun and comfortable to wear for your child/teenager and encourages them to wear it during the activity instead of spitting it out.