Sedation Dentistry

Does dentistry make you feel nervous?  You may benefit from sedation dentistry!  Complex treatment, long procedures, fear of needles, strong gag reflexes, or simple anxiety are many reasons why you should ask for sedation.

We provide 2 sedation options:

Nitrous Oxide: Our most common and popular sedation option is NO2 gas.  Nitrous Oxide is a gentle anti-anxiolytic gas you inhale.  It is also popularly known as "laughing gas" or "sweet air".   It is extremely safe, does not make you sleepy, and you can drive safely home after the appointment.  It can cause nausea if you are sensitive to the gas and can immediately request to be taken off.

Oral Sedation (Pill form): Through this type of sedation you will experience very deep relaxation while still being conscious. We will provide you with an oral medication in the office, most commonly Halcion (Triazolam).   Please pay close attention the pre and post op instructions provided before you schedule an oral sedation appointment.  Children do not qualify for sedation in our office.

Please give us a call at (214) 548-5400 with any questions.